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Should I setup a meeting to meet my Wedding DJ?

The short answer is yes.  When planning an important occasion in your life, you must make the time to discover who is available and what they offer.  DJ entertainment websites are an introduction to a wedding business.  Websites are a tool.  They are there to inform, inspire and familiarize yourself with a wedding professional.  Sometimes, DJ websites can start looking the same or can lack information.  So, how do you know what to do?  What is the difference? 

Full Time Profession

After 20 year in this business, I've come to realize one simple fact.  We are a people business. We make connections.  Weddings are personal.  We are not a commodity.  You cannot put a price on your wedding experience.  The right talent will make the difference.  But, you need to meet them.  Just as your doctor, lawyer or banker want to meet you.  We offer consultations to get to know you and your fiancé.  It's important.  I've received so many compliments over the years about our consultations.  Our clients leave informed, educated and most importantly... happy to have chosen us.

You're Just a DJ

People sometimes say "DJs are all the same.  Anyone can do it  Let me find the cheapest one in town." No, we are not.  DJs specialize in different types of events.  Event DJ, Club DJ, and Radio DJ are all different.  They require different experience and knowledge.  A professional wedding DJ should be educated and have experience.  As a foundation, I have graduated with a BA Degree in Communications, Broadcast Radio and Television production.  Why?  Because I believe like any profession, we must be an expert in what we do.  A professional DJ also wears many hats.  We are music-mixing experts, music knowledge gurus, lighting designers and sound engineers.

MC, Emcee or Party Host? 

They mean the same thing: Master of Ceremonies.  Public speaking is not easy.  It’s a skill that takes years to develop and master.  Therefore, not all DJs are MCs.  A great Master of Ceremonies can enhance, encourage, inform and interact.  Speaking clearly, enunciating properly and communicating effectively are the true marks of a great MC.  Personality and charisma can capture a room and raise the energy level.  I'm always thinking of new ways to engage and interact with a crowd.  It's what people remember the most.  I love being a Master of Ceremonies.  We help coordinate, plan and execute wedding timelines and programs.  We are the face and voice of your wedding entertainment.  

In the end, we all want the same thing.  To have a great party and for you, your friends and family to have fun!  Social media is great, texting is convenient and emails are helpful, but nothing will ever beat meeting a wedding DJ professional in person.  Building relationships is what it's all about.