Lisa's 50th Birthday Bash!

Lisa wanted to party.  So we provided her with the best birthday party ever!  Lisa's family and friends celebrated the party at the Carriage House Woman's Club in Englewood on March 4, 2017.  It was a small intimate affair, but after the speeches, it was party time.  The dance floor was packed all night!  MC Steve and DJ Rob provided the music and entertainment.  #SGProductions

Jennifer and Eric's wedding

Jennifer and Eric celebrated their wedding on March 18, 2017 at the Views at Mt Fuji.  MC Steve and DJ Rob provided the music for the ceremony and reception.  It was a early Spring wedding and the snow provided a beautiful background.  Mitch the Minister did a wonderful job officiating for the indoor ceremony.  Bruce and the staff at the Views at Mt Fuji are always great to work with.  We had the best time providing the entertainment to an unforgettable reception.  Below are some of the captured moments.  #SGProductions #GivingItUpForLentz